Sunday, June 07, 2015

Talking About My Throat with Amma and then Floating Away.

Dreamed that Amma, I and one younger guy walked into a room and Amma and I sat at a simple wooden table. Amma was wearing her usual bright white saree and she had an Afro hair style. I could see some grey in her hair. Amma asked me how I was doing and I replied "I think I've got an energy blockage in my throat. I think it's some kind of spiritual blockage." Amma replied "Yes, that's possible." Then I asked her "Do you see some kind of subtle energy blockage?" Amma looked at my throat and said "Yes, there may be one there." Amma was mostly speaking English but the younger guy translated once in a while. I was happy to be talking with Amma.

Then the dream shifted and I saw this short, thin, dark skinned man walk by me and give me a searching and slightly mischievous look. Then I floated up and floated into space. Then I floated down back into my body. I was very aware of coming back into my body like there was a small part of my consciousness remaining in my body while I was floating away.


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