Saturday, May 02, 2015

Amma Telling Everyone About My Bad Qualities.

Dreamed that French Vishakh and I were both sitting in meditation posture on a very comfortable sofa. Vishakh was on my right and the sofa was a brown and leafy green color with some small white patches here and there and little bits of color mixed in. On our right side on the opposite side of the big room we saw Amma arrive in a yellow truck with 2 Indian men in the front seat with her. She got out and went right inside quickly so no one could bother her.

Then Amma was in front of the room sitting on a sofa chair in her usual white saree. I touched the floor to show respect to Amma. On Vishakh's right was the opening to the main hall where lots of other people were seated (Vishakh and I were in a smaller room). It felt nice to be close to Amma, but her face looked quite different than usual. Then she started to talk about me and tell everyone about all my bad qualities and what a mess I was. I felt really embarrassed! A small part of me was thinking "Well, if Amma is doing this there must be some good reason."


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