Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amma Puts Yellow Chalk On My Feet

Dreamed that some friends and I were standing in a line while Amma was walking by. We were standing side by side. Then Amma came in front of me and leaned down and started to paint my feet with yellow chalk. I was surprised and very honored! I brought my hands together in namaste while looking down at Amma coloring my feet with the piece of yellow chalk. I also felt a little nervous that people would think that I felt special because of this. Afterwards a friend and I were walking around and I saw that Amma had written a message on the inside of my right foot. It said something like "Don't sell what you can give away." I don't remember exactly. I was still feeling very honored about Amma putting the yellow chalk on my feet.

Comment: I had this dream at a hotel in the Indian town of Manjeri in central Kerala. I traveled up here yesterday in order to attend a special event that Amma will lead today. She'll be inaugurating a new Brahmastanam temple here.


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