Saturday, April 09, 2016

At My Old College Gazing Into Amma's Eyes.

Dreamed that I was at my old college Mary Washington College. Soon there was going to be a convocation speech at the main college outdoor pavilion. I was on a balcony looking down at all the chairs set up for the speech. Then Amma was there and I was just looking into her eyes for a long time. It felt wonderful! I felt lucky to be close to her and looking into her eyes. At one point Amma seemed to say "OK. That's enough of looking into my eyes." but I just kept looking. Amma was wearing her usual bright white saree.

At one point I was sitting on the edge of the balcony with my legs dangling down between the banister support pillars.

My sister (Teresa) was down below talking to one of the college professors. (Teresa also graduated from the same college.)

Also saw some guy enjoying a caramel ice cream cone.


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