Friday, November 09, 2018

Amma in a Man's Body.

Had a wonderful Amma dream. Dreamed I was at the beginning of this Amma program. Amma was in her regular white saree. Also, Amma was there in the form of an elegant middle aged Caucasian man and he was getting himself ready for the program. He had gray hair. My job was to watch out for him and make sure he had what he needed. One of my tasks was to bring him some orange juice. I also had the job to take some rice pudding to a pot and make sure the pot stayed warm. It was an outdoor program.

At first it was only me and one other person there. I felt so amazingly blessed that I could be of some small service to this man. It felt to me like this man was Amma or he could have been some other avatar that felt just like Amma. I was feeling a lot of devotion and love toward this man.

Amma was also there. Amma told the crowd, "Some of you may have noticed that the avatar man seems like a divine god. He's the other half of Amma, like if Amma came in a male body." Then the crowd was starting to come in and I could see I wouldn't get a place near the front. But I felt really good that I was able to serve this divine avatar man.


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