Monday, April 14, 2014

With Amma in a Hospital with Tasty Snacks.

Dreamed that I was with Amma and a group of people as Amma was touring a hospital. At one point I saw a sign that showed "gifts from Amma". Amma closed her eyes and she was wearing a light blue hospital gown over her usual white saree. The person behind Amma said "This is a little something from Amma to all her children in honor of this hospital." Amma opened her eyes and saw that there were M&M candies and other treats in the little gift bag. Amma then said "Wait a minute; Amma would never give away M&Ms." but Amma was smiling and having fun as she said this. Then me and another person took some M&Ms from the bag and we also saw some Cheetos snacks in the bag. I was thinking "OK, I'm gonna come back and get me some of those Cheetos." Amma was in a happy joyful mood. Also Amma was touring other parts of the hospital and there were lots of people there. I was also thinking to myself "Wow. Amma is speaking perfect English. Pretty cool."

Earlier in the dream I remember traveling through a city with lots of tall cool looking buildngs like a future Tokyo or New York. I saw the original World Trade Center buildings also. We were on our way to the hospital to meet Amma.


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