Saturday, March 22, 2014

Touching Amma's Feet with Pink Cloth.

Dreamed I was at this Amrita University campus building with lots of big halls and corridors. I was impressed with how big the rooms were. I was telling Br. Gurudas how to create energy from the waste at the school. Then I was standing near some tables with white cloths that had items for sale. I saw Amma standing nearby and I wanted to get something for her. On the table I saw a pink cloth that was in the shape of a foot. The cloth was kind of firm and held its shape like a piece of plastic. As I bent down to touch Amma's feet with the pink cloth Amma said "Be careful, my feet are still sore." It seemed she had some recent injury to her feet. Amma was wearing white socks but they looked dark like her feet where in shadows. I very gently touched her feet with the pink cloth. I was feeling lots of devotion at this point. Amma said "With my injured feet I can't really dance." I asked "Are you dancing inside?" Amma replied "Of course, I'm always dancing inside." Then I shrugged and looked at Amma with an expression that said "Well, there it is. You're always dancing inside so you don't need to worry about your injured feet." (Yes, I know, this sounds totally arrogant of me (or rather of my dream self). :-) )

At another point in the dream Amma invited Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to come and give a talk. (Ravi is a very popular guru in India and around the world.) Ravi came and sat up on a high chair and gave a talk. I remember seeing his face with a very nice smile. He seemed to be pretty enlightened.

(Comments: * Br. Gurudas is an Indian man who lives at the ashram and helps me to organize the worm compost work. * "Amrita University" is the name of Amma's 5 campus university system in south India.)


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