Monday, August 27, 2012

Bliss State? I Don't Remember!

Dreamed that I was taking a bus to an Amma program and I wanted to be near some lady. But all the bus beds were taken and I had to sit instead. Then, at the program, everyone was dancing around and I was dancing and skipping in a circle with about 8 other people. Then the next thing I knew I was in a bed and it was morning and I was waking up. There were some people around me and they said "Last night you were looking at a book at then you went into a bliss state for 2 hours." I said, "What? Really? I don't remember being in bliss or reading a book." I was asking them questions like, "Did I look normal? Why do you think I was in a bliss state?" It was almost like a lucid dream, I felt very conscious as I was talking to them. I felt very real.

Then I woke up for real and realized I was at the ashram.


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