Saturday, March 29, 2008

Amma Stand Up Darshan

Dreamed that a popular male Hindu guru was standing on a beach in India and he was getting mobbed by lots of very devoted westerners. He looked like a classic guru with long white beard and robes. As this guru was walking away the westerners were still so excited that they started to gather around any Indian man who looked like a guru.

Then the dream shifted and I was watching a young looking Amma standing on stage in a green sari with many garlands of pink flowers around Her neck. She was giving darshan (hugs) while standing up. I was helping out with the program and I had to walk behind Her a few times. I was careful to be very unobtrusive. I remember that I was wearing some orange clothes with some kind of design on them. They looked like sanyasi clothes. At one point when I was carefully walking behind Amma I saw that She was joking around with a young Indian girl about 6 years old.


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