Saturday, December 22, 2007

Amma Healing Young Boy with "Akal"

Dreamed that I was with Amma in this rural south Indian village maybe in Kerala or Tamil Nadu. Amma and I went into this small house. There was a young dark skinned Indian boy about 5 years old laying on the bed. He had psychological problems couldn't sleep well. Amma and I sat on the bed and Amma held the boy in Her arms. Amma said "Can you spell "gpod"?" The boy spelled it and then Amma asked "Can you spell "Akal"?" The boy spelled it and then Amma said something like "The next time you have trouble sleeping, just try to spell Akal and it will help." Then Amma started to pour water over the boys head over and over again. The water was helping to wash away the boys negative karma and cleanse his energy body. Then the boy became a girl and she/he curled up in a dark gray blanket and went to sleep. Amma said the main problem the child had was that his/her parents didn't give him/her enough love and attention.

When Amma said Akal in the dream, I thought it referred to some ancient spiritual hero figure of south India.

Then Amma was walking ahead of me thru the village. I was very surprised because no one was gathering around Her. Usually wherever Amma goes She is mobbed with huge crowds, especially in India! I was not able to catch up with Amma. Then we got back to where the Amma program was going to be happening. I looked at Amma for a few moments with lots of devotion. Then I sat down at a big table with some other Amma devotees dressed in white. On the table was a big platter of baked marinated tofu. It looked delicious and I was hungry and I started to scoop some onto my plate. A young female devotee next to me said "Back in 1995 I would be getting my darshan now and we would also have time for private practice with Amma." She was saying that the crowds around Amma where much smaller back then.

Commentary: Just for fun, I looked up "Akal" in Wikipedia and it means "timeless or immortal" and is connected with the Sikh faith. I had never heard the word before. "Kal" means "death" and "a" mean negation. So "a-kal" literally means "not death" or "immortal". I wander if kal is connected with Kali from the Hindu tradition.

Also, Amma pouring water over the boys head reminded me of Amma's biography which told the story of how She poured water over and over again over Dattan the leper to help heal him.


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