Friday, December 21, 2007

Amma Getting Ocean Darshan and Rapping

Dreamed that I was with Amma and some other devotees on a beach. Amma was wearing a white sari and sitting on the sand at the edge of the water. Gentle waves were washing over Amma's feet and legs. Amma was really enjoying getting the darshan of the ocean and She was sitting there for a long time. I felt very nice to be near Amma. It seemed like Amma was late for some program but She was enjoying the ocean too much.

Then I was holding a young kid up near Amma. I said to the kid "OK, now give Amma a kiss."

Then the dream shifted and Amma having a fun time singing along with some rap music. Amma was showing that She could easily adapt and sing to pop and rap music.

At another point in the dream I had some coppery gold rings that I was washing in the ocean. The rings had small sanskrit text all around them. I could see the rings very clearly in the water.


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