Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tiger of Goddess Durga?

Dreamed I found out that Bruce Springsteen could no longer write songs and give concerts. For some reason this made me very emotional; I started crying and feeling very sad. I was in a big room and I think Bruce may have also been there at some point.

Then I went to another part of the house to go to bed. I was walking down a short flight of stairs and I saw a big orange tiger resting at a landing half way down the stairs. For some reason I didn't feel nervous about walking past the tiger. As I walked past the tiger I saw Jonathan coming up the stairs toward me. He had a guitar case strapped to his back (Jonathan is an Amma devotee that I know). Then I went to my room and went to sleep. After a while I woke up (I was still dreaming) and I got very nervous about the tiger coming to eat us. A few moments later I heard a noise that woke me all the way up.

Commentary: In my sadhana I'll often sing along with the Mahay Shasura Mardini (a song in praise of Goddess Durga). As I sing along I'll try to visualize Durga. Durga is often shown seated on a seated tiger. The tiger in my dream looked just like the tiger that I see in my visualization of Durga. When I woke up I suddenly realized the tiger looked just like Durga's tiger.


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