Sunday, November 02, 2008

Amma in Her Big Van.

Dreamed that I was at this big Amma program and I got the job of taking a square container to Amma's van. It was a big van with lots of room and chairs and lots of people were inside. I put the container on the floor in front of Amma's room. As a sign of respect and devotion, Amma's devotees had put some green ferns and leaves there also. I saw a chair nearby so I sat down. I felt lucky to find a seat so close to Amma's room. Soon Amma came out and She gave me a little smile. I was a little nervous becuase I didn't know if it was OK to sit there, but it felt very nice to be near Amma.

Then the dream shifted and I was running home as fast as I could to get my voice recoder to record the dream. Then I woke up and realized I had forgotten some important parts of the dream! Some other nice stuff happened with Amma but now I can't remember it. Darn!


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