Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2003 10 11

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2003 10 11: Amma Dream: Dreamed that Amma was leading a ceremony in a hall and then She started to give darshan. They weren't too many people there and there was alot of room. It was great. I was happy that I wouldn't have to wait long in a big crowd. I walked over to Amma's left hand side and noticed that she didn't look like Amma. Her eyebrows were kind of fierce and Her face was a little more angular, kind of like a guy. Then these waves of tears came over my and I just cried. I was kind of detached from the crying. I could feel the strong emotion, but I felt there was a good reason for the crying, so I just let it happen with no concern. The crying would come in strong and then fade away.

2003 11 11: AMMA DREAM. Dreamed I was on this long, kind of boring bicycle ride. Then I was at this complex of small condo units and I had to use the bathroom. One woman's unit was a little flooded so I went to this other unit where Amma was staying but She wasn't there at the time. The toilet was right in the living room next to the main window. The toilet was pretty big. I started to pee and then I saw Amma returning. I quickly locked the door so Amma couldn't come in and I turned so She could only see my back thru the window. I finished peeing and cleaned myself and went outside. I was very humble before Amma. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a bright yellow shirt (Amma had a big butt!). She sat down on a chair just outside the door and I took the opportunity to bow and touch Her feet. I sat up and Amma put Her hands on my head & I felt deeply honored. Then I looked into Her eys and felt this wave of power, bliss, joy and awe. It felt so good to be in Her presence!

2003 11 21: AMMA DREAM. Dreamed I was new at this Amma ashram and getting to know some people there. I told some jokes, but the response was kind of lukewarm. Then I was in the darshan hall with Amma. There weren't many people there and I got to be first in line. I laid on my back with my head in Amma's lap while She massaged my shoulders and neck. Ahhh! Nice! Then I sat up and looked into Her eyes. They were big and ice blue and she had light blond/red hair. As always, it was a very powerful experience looking into Her eyes. I felt honored and blessed to be with Her.

2004 02 12: AMMA DREAM: Dreamed that I was with Amma and some other people in a kitchen. At one point Amma saw an onion and tried to say it in English. I said "ulli, ulli" and she said "Oh, yeah. Ulli; onion." Then I was with this young girl who wanted to talk with Amma. I said to her "Say 'Nan premam Amma' ". Later on I was laying on my stomach on a massage table with Amma nearby. Then Amma was lying on top of me and the table gently collapsed. I was still lying on my stomach. Then Amma took hold of my neck with Her right hand and with Her left hand She rubbed my lower back. I felt some strong energy flowing into my root chakra. I felt it was great blessing that Amma was giving me. After some minutes She stopped and I just lay there feeling the energy She gave me. Then I was in my big executive chair rolling down the road with cars passing me.

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